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eBay UK sellers should check the feedback of buyers

It’s common for buyers to check out sellers on eBay UK but not so usual for eBay UK sellers to check out buyers. We suggest you always check out both in the light of a recent cancelled purchase since cancellations are not only a waste of time but may lose other potential sales.

The case in question is that of the now famous loom band dress which was made by Kathryn Burnand and Helen Wright both of whom are from Prestatyn in Wales. For those that don’t know what a loom bands are, they are small rubber bands from which jewellery can be made including necklaces and bracelets. The bands are linked together to produce the finished article and they are all the rage in schools at present.

£50 expected and £170,000 reached
The sellers were quite amazed by the interest shown, on the eBay UK auction site, considering they were expecting to make around £50 for the dress. Every eBay seller’s dream is to realise infinitely more at auction than they anticipate but in this case the bidding went into an astonishing 6 figures.

However, the person who placed the winning bid has now refused to honour the deal and the sellers were contacted by eBay on Monday to relay the news.

The reason given by the Surrey buyer was that she had insufficient funds to pay for the £170,000 she had bid plus the postage charge of £7, according to the North Wales Daily Post.

ebay UK sellers should check feedback of buyers

eBay Loom Band dress attracted huge publicity
After the winning bid “purchase” price went public, the loom band dress  became famous in the UK and globally receiving much media attention and The One Show on BBC interviewed the sellers with comedian Lee Mack joking whilst he held the dress. In addition the story was printed in newspapers reaching New Zealand and Australian publications as well as an appearance by the sellers on CBBC’s Newsround.

According to the sellers eBay UK are being extremely helpful and have offered advice about contacting one of the other bidders for the item. There were a total of 6 potential buyers who had offered more than £150,000 for the dress.

Only one chance to get it right
Whilst the sellers will not have to offer the dress to the runner up in the auction they must select which buyer they offer it to very carefully because they can only offer it to one of the participants in the auction.  If they don’t get it right, they will have to re-list the dress

eBay have told the sellers that if the item goes to re-listing they will have the opportunity to vet bidders as well as copyright their photographs.

If you list items in an eBay UK auction it is wise to check feedback on the potential buyers, especially when the item hits levels of bidding that you wouldn’t expect and involves large amounts of money.

eBay UK Courses help create outstanding eBay businesses

In recent months we have been studying the vast range of training videos, dvds, books and online training courses being offered all over the internet.  Indeed you can buy some of them on eBay and we have found many of them on car boots and even in charity shops.

Most people remember the series of “Dummies” books such as “Windows for Dummies” and “Microsoft Office for Dummies” etc. When you are next out and about check out how many of these you see for sale at church fetes, car boots and charity shops.  We guarantee you will find several and there is, of course, a reason for so many of them being on sale usually for peanuts.  They are all out of date!  Whilst all of these training methods are great for learning the basics you will need a lot more than they offer if you want to keep ahead of your competitors or turn your eBay shop into a roaring success.

eBay UK courses give you the best change of success
If you want to create an eBay shop to achieve an independent revenue stream outside of your normal day job or want to make your new eBay shop a full time occupation, one to one eBay UK courses are not only affordable but give you the best chance of success.

Australian couple, Matt and Amanda Clarkson, are one of eBay’s greatest success stories.  They set up their business four years ago when they were broke.  They sold off some of their personal items and then took courses to improve their knowledge of online marketing and how to sell on eBay.They are now earning $750,000 per annum!

You don’t need your own website when you have eBay
Many people believe that in order for an online business to succeed, a website is a necessity. Not so if you have an eBay UK shop; and the marketing of your shop will be infinitely cheaper than it would be if you set up a new website.  This is because eBay spends literally thousands of pounds every month on online marketing which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Our eBay UK courses will teach you how to build your eBay shop and where to purchase a domain name to point in the direction of your shop. You don’t need a separate website because thousands of  potential purchasers look on eBay before considering entering a search for the product they want in Google or other major search engines.

eBay UK courses matched to your business
Whether you are looking to make a second income or need help with an existing shop our eBay UK courses will provide you with knowledge that is up to date and won’t often be found in a book.  We can visit you in the comfort of your own home or at your office to deliver a bespoke eBay UK course specifically matched to your business. We also formulate the course taking into account your current experience so you won’t be wasting time relearning what you already know.

We’ll also assist you in setting up your eBay shop, and you will learn how to make best use of photo sharing and free template sites to make the appearance of your shop awesome; together with simple methods for managing your inventory, supply and dispatch.  If required we can also advise you on how to find good, reliable suppliers.

Our experience and knowledge of eBay is unrivalled and we are always aware of the latest news and developments in eBay so our eBay UK courses are up to date in every aspect.  Enquire today about how our affordable training can make your business more successful, achieving significant revenue year on year.

eBay Friday Find 04.07.14 – Chris Froome Tour de FranceBike

$_12 (3)







To celebrate the start of the Tour de France in Yorkshire tomorrow (July 5th) here’s an auction we spotted a few weeks ago.

I know we normally feature things you can actually buy (this has ended and is sold) but I love the story.

This seller is selling the bike that Chris Froome won Last Years Tour de France on (well ne of thenm – this was his number 2 bike)

The seller won it in Cycling Weekly magazine and decided to sell it with proceeds going to charity.

Good on him as it went for £10,250!

My family and I are at the TdF Grand Depart in Harrogate this weekend so watch out for a report and pictures from there

Enlarge the pictures below to see more about this eBay auction

Screenshot 2014-07-03 13.18.54







Screenshot 2014-07-03 13.30.04

eBay find – Fantastic Map of Glass


One of the things I love about eBay is the variety of items you can buy on there.

I can’t imagine the serious and corporate Amazon ever featuring something like a giant map made of tiny glass tiles, jewels and LED lights thats taken a guy over two years to make, can you?

A bargain at £250,000 or best offer? Listing here

Have a look at the full story here, and full details of it here


Robert Huff at Goodwood with Chevrolet


What a fantastic weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed we had thanks to Chevrolet

We met World Touring Car Driver Robert Huff and had a great chat with him about getting started in motorsport.

We also got to spend the day looking around what has to be the best car show in the World. If you like cars but have never been make sure you get tickets for next year. Even though it took us 7 hours of driving each way on a 670 mile round trip it was massively worth it!

Here’s our random pictures – we where too busy enjoying the day to take more and the kids took some of them so there are ends of things chopped off!

Have a look at Chevrolet’s photo gallery here

Right – time to get selling some stuff on eBay so we can pay for next years visit to the show!


We are off to Goodwood Festival of Speed thanks to Chevrolet!

We love Chevrolet here at Baygroup – George our founder,  has been involved in Drag racing for over 20 years and raced a Chevrolet Camaro last year.

We love them even more (and Facebook too) because we have won a pair of Tickets to the Goodwood Festival of speed this sunday and the opportunity to meet their World Touring Car driver Robert Huff whilst there.

George entered the competition via face book and was one of the 10 lucky winners so he and his family will be heading off there this weekend.

We will post pictures and report next week.

School kid making a stand over school meals

Nothing to do with eBay ( except showing how powerful the Internet is ) but I’ve followed this all day and it’s both saddened and inspired me.

A young Scottish girl has created a blog to review her school dinners and dispute being very fair and balanced got banned from doing it by the council.

Luckily the ban has been overturned by embarrassed officials and all the coverage has helped her raise over £45,000 for charity so far ( 9pm Friday 15th June )

You go girl!