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ebay Growth Program

We show you how to grow your ebay sales profits by providing training and consultancy uniquely tailored to you.

How it works

We deliver our training and support using webmeetings where we can share screens and talk via your computer or phone.

Month 1 is 6 hours of intensive training and planning then Month 2 onward is 2 hours per month of support, training and reviews.

The monthly subscription can be canceled at anytime as we believe that for our partnership to work you shouldn’t be tied in to long term contracts.

Month 1 

6 Hours of intense training and planning

Session Content Type Hours
1 How ebay works Webmeeting 1.00
2 Account Review Desk Research 1.00
3 Listing Optimisation Webmeeting 1.00
4 Advanced Research Webmeeting 1.00
5 Growth Plan Building Desk Research 1.00
6 Plan Implementation Webmeeting 1.00


Month 2 Onwards

2 Hours per month of Support, Training and Reviews

Area Type Hours
Ad Hoc Support Webmeeting/Phone/email 0.50
Account Review Desk Research 1.00
Monthly Webmeeting Webmeeting 0.50


Month 1 Summary

The first month of the program is an intense training, research and planning period.

The 4 x 1 hour Webmeeting sessions are full of the essential knowledge you need to achieve ebay growth.

The 2 x 1 hour Desk Research sessions give our ebay experts the time to review your account and research your marketplace to then build a growth plan.

Webmeetings can be attended by up to 20 people within your organisation (they dont all have to be in the same physical place) and are recorded so that you can review and share them if required. The video recordings of the webmeetings are uploaded to your own secure area on our website along with all key documents.

By the end of the first month you will learn how ebay works, how to maintain your account, and how to build and maintain search optimised listings. We will also work with you to build a plan of how to grow your ebay activity and train you in how to implement it.

Month 2 onwards Summary

Each month we will provide adhoc support via email, phone or webmeeting to support you in implementing your plan. You have full access to your nominated ebay coaches direct email and mobile number along with online access to their diary to allow you to schedule meetings or calls instantly.

We produce a full account review report monitoring the key performance indicators of your account and measuring the progress against your growth plan.

Once the review report has been sent to you we schedule a monthly webmeeting to discuss the findings and to keep you updated with any ebay changes.


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