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  • Stage three of our service is to support and train you whilst you execute your growth plan
  • Part one of our service is a review or your current trading
  • Our number one aim is to grow your ebay sales
  • Sales up and costs down - a constant mantra here at Bayacademy
  • Stage two of our service is to work with you to plan how you will grow
  • Regular webinars to keep you up to date with ebay changes
  • Our webinar system lets us share screens and talk instantly
  • Our systems work on mobile devices meaning you get support no matter where you are
  • Using our service get you quick results

 Hello there!

Consultancy and Training delivered differently

We use the speed and convenience of the Internet to give you on demand eBay support. No more travelling or reading out of date books. Our interactive consultancy and training is delivered via our advanced webinar system allowing us to fully understand your issues and advise you on the best solutions. The webinar system gives you on demand access to your eBay expert. We record all of the sessions and then give you access to the video meaning you can review them at any time you like. We provide monthly review and feedback sessions to ensure that your fully up to date with eBays frequent changes. We offer support at any level, be it a one off issue to full monthly support.

 What are the stages of our service?

1.Review    2. Plan    3. Support

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