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Increase profits, meet parts targets and clear surplus stock!

Are you maximising your sales on ebay? The opportunity is massive! Over £6.5 Million worth of Genuine New Ford parts alone have been sold on ebay UK between May ’17 and April ’18 and other manufacturers have similar amounts.

We can increase your ebay performance to rival the number one sellers on

Example Top sellers Turnover in April 2018*

  • Audi £26,328
  • BMW £63,091
  • Ford £194,895
  • Mercedes-Benz £124,295
  • Nissan £21,811
  • Toyota £23,508
  • Vauxhall £34,626
  • Volkswagen £12,502

*Genuine New items in Vehicle Parts & Accessories category of

Training & Consultancy we provide to increase your profits

  • In depth understanding of how ebay works
  • Optimise your listings to come at the top of search
  • Research to show you exactly what sells best for your franchise(s)
  • Decrease processing time for all areas of ebay sales
  • How to stay ahead of ebays changes

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What experience we have

Bayacademys founder and automotive specialist, George Kinghorn, had over a decade of Motortrade experience before he moved into ecommerce, giving him a wealth of experience in both sectors. For more details click here

Examples of projects we have worked on

We have worked with numerous motor trade companies to grow their sales. Regularly growing their sales growth by over 400%

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