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Sold on eBay by Bayagent – Massive Self Storage Mezzanine


It’s not just small stuff that we sell (or you can sell) here at Baygroup.

Our Bayagent division sells items on behalf of households and businesses and we are just about to clinch a deal on this Massive 66 Room Self Storage Mezzanine system.

It just goes to show that if you know how to use eBay that you can sell just about anything.

Heres the Listing details, video and images

Here we have for sale a fantastic Self Storage Mezzanine Floor system complete with lift

Price excludes VAT and will be supplied with a full VAT invoice from the seller.

  • 22m x 15 m footprint
  • 28 rooms downstairs
  • 38 rooms upstairs
  • Elephante 1000kg passenger/goods lift
  • Electrical light system (which turns on when it senses movement) also included

Could be reconfigured for other none self storage uses.

System is in use with remaining tenants currently being relocated.

It will be dismantled when sold.



List it and they will come – There is always a buyer for everything! Sold by Bayagent – Pushchair

Heres a Mamas & Papas 03 Series Pushchair and Car seat and Raincover set that bayagent has just sold for a client.

Nothing unusual there until you find out we have had it listed since December 2011.

We wouldn’t normally sit on an item that long but we where after a good price for the seller and it folded up so well it wasnt causing problems in our storage.

We might have taken a few months (OK, OK, nearly a year) but we got the price the seller was after £49.99 instead of the £30 we kept getting offered.

This was achieved by listing it using the buy it now best offer format which as we have an eBay shop only costs us 10p per month listing fee.

Have a look at the listing here 

Sold on eBay by Bayagent – Mercedes ML350 Car

Being a total petrolhead I love selling cars and car related stuff!

This week we sold this wonderful Mercedes ML350 for a client.

He’d been offered around £3000 in part exchange and we sold it for £3500

Click here to have a look at the completed listing (you will have to log into your eBay account to see it as its ended and the link will stop working after a month or so – eBay not us!)

Sold on eBay by Bayagent – Bedside cabinets

We regularly get asked what kind of things we sell for people via so we’ve decided to start regularly featuring items that we have sold.

Our first is this fantastic set of Stag Minstral Bedside tables

We sold them for a Charity that we work for –

We sell the Large and Specialist items that they get donated.

These bedside tables where snapped up for £74.99, a bargain for the buyer and much-needed funds for the charity.

Heres what the buyer said when they left feedback

“Description perfect, communiction excellent very friendly good service.”

So what unused items do you have lying around that you could turn into cash????