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eBay global shipping program changes

eBays global shipping program has had some changes made to it.

For those of you who done know what the GSP is, its a program ran by eBay to make selling overseas easier.

Here is eBays announcement in full –

We’ve made some changes to the Seller Terms and Conditions for the Global Shipping Programme. The updated Seller Terms and Conditions will apply to existing enrolled sellers after 30 days of the announcement and will apply to new sellers participating in the programme immediately. You can see the seller terms in full here.

We’ve made various changes to the seller terms to clarify certain aspects of the Global Shipping Programme.

There’s no change to how the programme operates. The aspects we deal with in this update include:          

  • Clarifying the passing of risk in an item, the transfer of title especially in the event of items being considered as undeliverable, the handling and use of data under the programme
  • Clarifying treatment and display of international returns policy
  • Providing more information to sellers about the programme for VAT accounting  
  • Updating the arrangement for future changes to the sellers terms to align with similar provision in the User Agreement.

As with earlier updates, other changes have been made to keep the seller terms up-to-date with the services we provide.You don’t need to take any further action to accept the new seller terms. If you choose not to accept the new terms, visit this help page for further information.Thank you for being a part of the eBay community.Regards,

The eBay Team

Friday Find – eBay items of interest – Brass Thing – Who knows??

Ideally you should know what it is your selling when listing on eBay but sometimes its too hard to find out.

This weeks listing is an auction so you need to be quick to see the full details (we have copied the description wording below)

Heres the link 

weirdthing brass 2


It appears to be a small 3 piece brass shell that the innards unscrew from.

One thing I’ve found over the years is that if you put something on eBay buyers will eventually tell you what it is so I wonder if thats happened here. Top tip there is to use buy it now so you can then go back and alter the listing once you know what it is!

Existing eBay traders – How to maximise your eBay sales FREE webinar

We are holding a FREE webinar to show existing traders how to maximise their eBay sales.

Aimed at EXISTING TRADERS ONLY and covering –

  • How to take your eBay trading to the next level
  • Explanation of how eBays new rules work
  • Overview of the big growth opportunities

Full details of the webinar and access to the registration can be found here

How to sell on eBay – webinars start 18th February

business man message

How to sell on eBay webinars

Foundation series – Next Series starts 18th February 2015 @ 9.30am GMT

“This series of webinars will show you, step by step, how to start selling on eBay”

Each webinar is 1 hour long with up to 30 minutes of Questions and Answers following the main session (Maximum total time 1Hr 30mins)

All sessions are recorded and you will have access to all of these recordings – If you sign up after the course has started you will have access to all of the prior recordings.

£99 for the full series – click here to register and pay

Sessions are ran from 9.30am to 11.00am GMT every Wednesday from 18th Feb 2015 to 8th April 2015


Session 1 – Bayacademy Webinar Training Overview

  • Who are we
  • How our webinars work
  • What we cover in the Foundation series
  • Other services we provide

Session 2 – Understanding eBay

  • eBay History and Ethos
  • eBay Structure
  • eBay Selling Fees
  • eBay Rules
  • eBay selling made simple

Session 3 – Buying on eBay

  • Why learning to buy on eBay teaches you to sell
  • How to search
  • Important things to look at about sellers
  • Where to find hidden info in listings
  • Buyers protection
  • Opening an eBay buyer account

Session 4 – Set up to sell on eBay

  • Setting up an eBay seller account
  • Becoming an eBay business seller
  • Setting up Paypal
  • Deciding what to sell on eBay
  • Legal Requirements

Session 5 – Preparing to sell on eBay

  • Researching Item Values and Sales Volumes
  • Gathering the information you need to list well
  • Taking great images
  • Deciding on the type of listing to use
  • Postage and Packaging options

Session 6 – Creating great eBay listings

  • Identifying the best Category
  • Using the best keywords
  • Filling out item specifics
  • Description best practices

Session 7 – Managing eBay Sales

  • Responding to questions
  • Handling offers
  • Selling outside eBay
  • Handling payments
  • Contacting buyers
  • Sending out your items

Session 8 – Managing your eBay business

  • Returns and Refunds
  • Managing your PayPal account
  • Downloading sales information
  • Leaving buyers feedback
  • Monitoring your seller reputation and feedback

£99 for the full series – click here to register and pay

Bayacademy eBay webinar series launched


February sees the launch of our series of webinars for eBay traders.

All webinars start on Wednesday the 18th February and we have split them in to 3 different levels which are –

Foundation – This is the introductory level and covers everything from learning to buy on eBay up to listing and selling your items. This is great if you have never sold before, dabbled with selling or feel like you may have missed some important steps on your journey. Click here for the full details

Advanced – This level of webinars takes you beyond the basics and shows you how to optimise your eBay selling . This is aimed at those who are already selling and want to increase their activity and profitability. You may even already turnover a good amount on eBay but don’t fully understand how you are doing so. This series will put you in control of your eBay growth. Click here for full details

Masterclass – If your already doing well on eBay and want to know how to maximise your eBay trading then this is the series for you. Its designed to showcase the highest level of eBay trading and show you how to take full advantage of the opportunities that are available. Click here for full details


Improve your eBay images


Depending on which survey or report you read, higher quality images in your eBay listings increase sales somewhere between 3% and 10%

We are not sure of the exact percentage but we know it can make a big difference.

Aswell as increasing sales it also decreases questions and customer returns as buyers can see exactly what they are buying.

With this in mind we have been encouraging our clients to invest in some decent photo equipment and one of the first to do so sent us this image of their new tent and lights.



As you can see here – the images produced are much easier to view and show exactly what to expect.

If you want help with your eBay listings please dont hesitate to get in touch.