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eBay global shipping program changes

eBays global shipping program has had some changes made to it.

For those of you who done know what the GSP is, its a program ran by eBay to make selling overseas easier.

Here is eBays announcement in full –

We’ve made some changes to the Seller Terms and Conditions for the Global Shipping Programme. The updated Seller Terms and Conditions will apply to existing enrolled sellers after 30 days of the announcement and will apply to new sellers participating in the programme immediately. You can see the seller terms in full here.

We’ve made various changes to the seller terms to clarify certain aspects of the Global Shipping Programme.

There’s no change to how the programme operates. The aspects we deal with in this update include:          

  • Clarifying the passing of risk in an item, the transfer of title especially in the event of items being considered as undeliverable, the handling and use of data under the programme
  • Clarifying treatment and display of international returns policy
  • Providing more information to sellers about the programme for VAT accounting  
  • Updating the arrangement for future changes to the sellers terms to align with similar provision in the User Agreement.

As with earlier updates, other changes have been made to keep the seller terms up-to-date with the services we provide.You don’t need to take any further action to accept the new seller terms. If you choose not to accept the new terms, visit this help page for further information.Thank you for being a part of the eBay community.Regards,

The eBay Team

Changes to eBay UK fees from 14 August 2014

From the 14th August this year eBay will be making certain amendments to fees, affecting both private sellers and businesses as follows:

Optional listing upgrades become easier
There will only be one flat fee to pay, irrespective of the duration of the listing. The impact of this will be that in some cases you will pay less but in other it will be more than you ordinarily pay. For those of you who don’t use listing enhancement, the new fees won’t affect you.

Gallery Plus will change to £2.50 per listing
This means that a 30 day listing is reduced from £2.85 but short duration listings will increase by £1.55

As seasoned sellers running an eBay UK shop know, larger images appear in search results with Gallery Plus and you get an “Enlarge” link with a magnifying glass. Also if you have multiple images, in search results there is access to all of them.

If you currently have any free features related to your listing category or due to your use of eBay tools, this will remain free of charge providing you continue meeting the requirements of the tools/category.

Pet Supplies, Home and Garden, Motors and Clothes, Shoes & Accessories on Gallery Plus are the free categories; and for sellers using TurboLister or similar tools, Listing Designer will remain free of charge.

Adding Buy it now to auctions will change to £0.50 per listing

Previously fees were as follows:

  • £0.99 – £4.99 = £0.10
  • £5.00 – £14.99 = £0.20
  • £15.00 – £24.99 = £0.30
  • over £25.00 = 50p

Note that when the first bid is placed, the “Buy it Now” button vanishes.

Subtitle changed to £1.00 per listing:

  • Down from £1.05 for 30 day listings
  • Up from £0.35 for short duration listings

Whilst relatively useful, search engines do not display subtitles when in gallery view which is the default for some categories.

Listing designer changed to £0.30 per listing
Increased from 21p for 30 day listings and 7p for short duration listings

eBay listing designer for Consumer ElectronicsNB Listing Designer is free and will stay that way if you have some eBay UK tools such as TurboLister.

Updated fee for setting a reserve price for your auctions
Commencing on 14 August 2014, if you set a reserve on your auction you will have to pay a 4 per cent. This is an increase of 0.5 per cent. There is no alteration on the current £50 minimum reserve capped at £150 per item which also remains the same. Obviously this will only affect people who set reserves which is quite unusual nowadays.

Early ended auctions
The new policy being introduced from 14th August is that you will have to pay a fee should you end your auction if it has been listed for more than 24 hours and has bids. The fee you will pay will be calculated on the highest bid your auction has received at the time you end it.

This is really going to cause some damage those sellers who cancel auctions regularly because it appears that they won’t get the price they expect, or if you sell your item outside of eBay whilst the auction is still running. Even if you have a legitimate reason to cancel your auction you will still have to pay. So the moral of this story is try hard not to cancel your auctions!

If you are going to struggle to keep your commitments with your eBay shop, do remember we have an eBay UK Fulfilment Service for over the holiday period as well as full management services.

eBay figures released for March to June 2014

Despite what eBay refers to as a “challenging quarter” figures released on Wednesday this week reveal that between March and June 2014 the online retailer made £395 million in profits exceeding the expectations of analysts.

Trading increased in eBay shares by over 1.5% when the US stock market closed on Wednesday 16 July 2014 but whilst revenue increased by 13% eBay had hoped for more.

Data breach sparked investigation by US, Europe and UK
The data breach which occurred in May of this year was cited as the possible reason revenue was less than expected affecting the accounts of 145 million customers. So serious was the breach that authorities from Europe, the US and the UK became involved in the investigation into it.

In addition David Marcus decision to leave Paypal and move to Facebook has not helped eBay’s falling stock price. According to Elon Musk, the co-founder of Paypal, the company should not remain as a subsidiary of eBay but become a company in its own right. This is also the view of hedge fund manager, Carl Icahn who stated that the company could “wither on the vine” if it did not become independent. Perhaps David Marcus, as president of Paypal, has strategically planned his departure whilst the Paypal is still thriving.

Longstanding dispute resolved
On a brighter note, a long standing dispute between eBay and Carl Icahn who has been pushing for Paypal to be sold was resolved with the appointment of David Dorman from Centerview Capital Technology. David Dorman joins the board as an independent director and was recommended by Carl Icahn.  However, Icahn still believes that selling Paypal is a good idea.

So what does all this mean for those of us involved in eBay UK sales services? Irrespective of the fact that eBay is disappointed it didn’t make as much revenue over the last quarter as it wanted the company is still highly profitable and our eBay shops are certainly safe for the foreseeable future. Oh that we were making as much profit as eBay, wouldn’t that be something?

How to run an Ebay shop
If you are struggling with how to run an eBay shop, whether your shop is new or established, we are always here to give advice and naturally our “How to run an eBay shop” course is extremely popular for anyone wanting to learn about maximising profits. Contact us for more information.

eBay training in readiness for Sotheby’s online art auctions

Renowned auctioneers, Sotheby’s have joined forces with eBay to create an online platform for art buyers to bid on art that Sotheby’s have for sale, so if you are a novice online art buyer you might want to consider our eBay training courses.

The motivation for Sotheby’s is to reach a broader audience according to Bruno Vinciguerra, the auction house’s chief operating officer.

Auction items purchased online from Sotheby’s in 2013 increased by 36 percent and sales of art online could reach £7.6 billion by the year 2020.

John Audobon’s elephant folio of illustrations from his book “The Birds of America” realised $3.5 million in April when Sotheby’s included it in their live online auction in April, breaking the firm’s record.

The new venture will commence by streaming live auctions out of the New York HQ of Sotheby’s and people will be able to bid from anywhere in the world in real time.

18 categories for initial online auctions
To begin with 18 categories will be offered that have proved to be particularly popular with online purchasers including:

  • 20th Century Design
  • Photographs
  • Prints
  • Jewellery
  • Watches
  • Wine

Sotheby’s have probably decided on this partnership with eBay since so many start up business are beginning to appear on eBay selling art online including Paddle 8, Artsy and Artspace and the release of this information comes at a time when we are about to learn eBay earnings due to be released this week.

Amazon, not to be left out, stated that it would sell paintings by Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali online from the Amazon website.  However, eBay and Sotheby’s have not yet given a date when their online art auctions will commence.

Successful online auction buying and selling is an acquired skill
Buying and selling using eBay’s online auction facility is great when you have some experience but it is an acquired skill and you should be careful.  Bay Academy provides training on all aspects of eBay including online auction courses.  You can learn how to bid effectively, when to bid and how to save money in the bidding process.  It is not always prudent to bid well above the last bid that you see because you might spend more money than you need to.

You can also learn, through our eBay auction training which items are suitable to place into an auction and which items are not; and whether you should set a reserve or “Buy it now” price.

It’s worth investing the time and a little money into eBay auction training so that you can buy and sell with confidence.  Contact us today for an informal chat about online auction training and other available eBay training courses that you might have thought about.

eBay UK 50K free listing promotion 7–18 July 2014

Some eBay business sellers may not be aware of a free listing promotion that eBay is running between the 7th and 18th July 2014.  There has been no marketing fanfare about it so check out if you have been invited by going to My eBay and then Selling Manager.  If you have been you will see a message like the one below which should indicate how many free listings you have available. The promotion offers 50,000 free insertion fees on fixed price listings but they have to be eligible.


You should also have received an email containing a link/button to “sign up now” which when clicked will make the promotion live for your account.  You can see the full terms and conditions here

eBay UK 50K free listings

Those of you with Anchor eBay shops will probably not be alerted to the promotion by eBay since Anchor eBay shops already enjoy unlimited free fixed price listings. If you have a Featured eBay shop you will have 1,200 free fixed price listings each month and 200 if you own a Basic eBay shop.  You can see the full terms and conditions of this latest promotion by clicking eBay UK 50K

We know that many of you complain that private sellers place a myriad of items on eBay UK (when there are free listing days for private sellers) which seldom sell. Perhaps business sellers can make best use of the 50K free listing promotion by listing attractive, good quality stock (smile).

Remember, this 50K free listing promotion doesn’t make you immune to the normal eBay UK policy for duplicate listings.

Make the most of the promotion with eBay Services

If you are not sure how to make the best of this promotion, you might want to consider our eBay Training and consultancy services, which will help you to make optimum sales.  If you sell shed loads of stock you could put the money toward this year’s holiday!  We can also help with fulfilment if you get really busy.

Check out our full range of eBay Services to see what we can do for you.  There is not much in the way of stock we haven’t been involved in over the years and we would love to make your eBay business more successful.

Beware scam emails purporting to be from eBay

Over the past few months we have been alerted to what appears to be an authentic email sent by eBay.  Be careful what you click on because this one doesn’t come from eBay but is a clever scam.

The content of the email seeks to scare you into complying with its request by telling you that your account has been suspended.  This is allegedly due to your credit or debit card being declined when eBay sought to verify your registration information.  It also includes threats to terminate your membership among other things.  There is an example of the email below.

Scammers can steal your identity
Scam emails are rife on the internet and are usually designed to make you believe they are from a reputable organisation or company.  Almost exclusively they tend to scare you into parting with credit or debit card information before you have realised that something is not quite right about the email. By the time you have realised it is often too late. Scammers can use the information to clear your bank account, buy a multitude of items online and in a worst case scenario steal your identity.

This email doing the rounds currently looks real because not only does it contain your eBay user ID but also your registered email address.  Alert eBay sellers have noticed that it’s a scam but no eBay alerts appear to have been issued.

No details of recent hack have been released by eBay
It’s possible that this rather sophisticated scam is being perpetrated by hackers that stole information from eBay some months ago, but eBay doesn’t seem to be forthcoming with details of the hack which took place earlier in the year apart from admitting that it happened.  At the time buyers and sellers were instructed to change their passwords.

It’s not unreasonable to assume that User IDs and passwords formed part of the stolen data and if so, changing your password is a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. If fraudsters have your email address they can use it to send you these types of scam emails duping you into believing they are from eBay or indeed any other organisation you have an account with; the sole purpose being to relieve you of your bank, credit or debit card details.

Check “My Messages” in eBay
By far the best method of protecting yourself from this scam is to double check “My Messages” from within your eBay account.  If eBay has sent you an email it will be there. If you receive and email like the one we have shown don’t click on the links provided in it and before you even think about parting with your financial data, check your messages as above.

Remember if you need advice on eBay security or any other aspect of eBay training we are just a phone call away.


eBay withdraw and ban Star N9500 Android smartphone listings

Star N9500eBay will no longer allow Star N9500 Android smartphones to be listed after allegations that the phones have spyware pre-installed at the factory which makes them in China.

A security company in Germany, G Date, reported the Android powered smartphone when it was discovered that the phone had sent personal data to a Chinese server, and further stated that the malware, which was disguised as a Google Play Store app, could not be deleted.

Amazon still selling Star N9500 handsets
Amazon still has the Star N9500s for sale and so far has not commented on the allegation, but eBay is taking the precautionary action of banning the handsets globally.

Bearing a strong resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy 4, the Star handset is an attractive proposition to consumers considering it is one third the price of the authentic Samsung.

Star N9500 handsets infected with an Android Trojan
If you own the Star N9500 you will not realise there is anything wrong since the spyware is running in the background, collecting and sending your personal data to a Chinese server and the malware is also able to install additional apps without you noticing them.

Not only can the malware retrieve your personal data but it can also read your text messages and email, intercept your calls, control the microphone and camera and also steal your online banking details. Worse, it can also block the installation of security updates.  Identified as Android.Trojan.Uupay.D, it’s not clear whether the manufacturer of the handsets is complicit in the malware installation, if indeed the allegations are true.

Manufacturer of handsets not known
There are several companies based in Shenzhen, China that sell the Star handsets on eBay among other selling platforms,  but so far the APNA (Associated Press News Agency)  has been unable to locate the manufacturer.

There has been more than one instance of accusations being levelled against Chinese manufacturers that have shipped various devices with malware pre-installed including in 2012 when Microsoft stated that Chinese PC manufacturers had been discovered loading malware into their products. In addition, E-Plus in Germany reported that some of its Android smartphones that had been manufactured in China contained infected SD memory cards.

In our view it is better to be safe than sorry so unless or until, these allegations are disproved we wouldn’t advise anyone to purchase the Star N9500 handset.

eBay feedback system changes are coming

Feedback is key to keeping eBay a trusted marketplace and a great place to buy. When you make a purchase, and then rate your experience in the areas of communication, dispatch time, postage, and item description, you’re helping your seller and eBay ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

While the current system of anonymous ratings provides sellers a general indication about their service, they need details to address any issues effectively. For example, if a seller’s ratings indicate their items take too long to arrive, it will help them take the right action if they know the issue is with posting to a specific geographical region.

Sellers will soon be able to get reports that provide this kind of detailed information. Starting in late April, detailed seller ratings will no longer be anonymous. Sellers will be able to run reports telling them which of their transactions received low detailed seller ratings.

With this change, sellers will be able to make much better use of the ratings to continually refine their selling practices – and deliver the great service you expect. So please continue to leave ratings and feedback that honestly and fairly reflect your buying experience.

eBay seller update due March 11th 2014



Bi-Annual Seller Update due on Tuesday March 11th say “Keep an eye out for details on our announcement boards on 11 March. We’ll be announcing a number of eBay updates in our Spring 2014 Business Seller News. ”

Who knows what the changes will be?

Once announced we will cover them and let you know what they mean in practical terms.