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Sold on eBay by Bayagent – Massive Self Storage Mezzanine


It’s not just small stuff that we sell (or you can sell) here at Baygroup.

Our Bayagent division sells items on behalf of households and businesses and we are just about to clinch a deal on this Massive 66 Room Self Storage Mezzanine system.

It just goes to show that if you know how to use eBay that you can sell just about anything.

Heres the Listing details, video and images

Here we have for sale a fantastic Self Storage Mezzanine Floor system complete with lift

Price excludes VAT and will be supplied with a full VAT invoice from the seller.

  • 22m x 15 m footprint
  • 28 rooms downstairs
  • 38 rooms upstairs
  • Elephante 1000kg passenger/goods lift
  • Electrical light system (which turns on when it senses movement) also included

Could be reconfigured for other none self storage uses.

System is in use with remaining tenants currently being relocated.

It will be dismantled when sold.



Sounds like we are gonna be famous


We sold a set of semi working stereo separates a while back and I was curious to see that the delivery address was Shepperton Studios.

After getting great feedback from the buyer the curiosity got the better of me and I emailed the buyer to ask what they where going to do with them.

The reply came today that they are to be used in a scene in a film that they are making so there you go something we sold is going to be famous!

Baygroup client, Nosii, gets right up peoples noses!

A newly formed venture – – is using Baygroup to manage its eBay sales and is successfully getting right up people’s noses!

The are doing so on purpose however as they provide customers with Nosk nasal filters.

Having engaged Baygroup to set up and manage their eBay channel in early June they have already had over 35 orders.

You can see the eBay listings here

Victoria Moodie from Nosii said

“We are delighted with the speed at which we have got up and running and how hassle free using Baygroup has been. It was great to leave our eBay selling in the hand of experts and wonderful to receive a payment at the end of our first month selling”

Nossi is about to embark on the second phase of its eBay sales development with their listings about to feature staged pricing dependant on quantity.

If you would like to find out more about how Baygroup can manage your eBay sales channel please get in touch here



Have a clear out and pay for a holiday


Get to sell your stuff on eBay and fund a holiday!

Clearing out your drawers and cupboards could earn you the equivalent of a family holiday this summer –

The average UK household contains over £1,045*/*2 worth of unwanted items that could be re-sold for cash, new research from eBay reveals.

Among the most common unused items piling up under beds or tucked away in dusty drawers are mobile phones (average eBay selling price (AESP): £109*2), handbags (AESP: £21*2) and laptops (AESP: £142*2) – all of which could be sold to raise extra money this summer. In fact, £896 is the equivalent of the average UK family holiday for four,*3 so decluttering could mean a free holiday this summer.

While one fifth of Brits (18%*) who sell unused items admit they sell to fund holidays away, a staggering 3m Brits (5%*) admit to never throwing anything away, preferring to hoard household items at home, even if they are no longer of use.

eBay spokesperson Laura Wilkinson said, “Just because you no longer use something, it doesn’t mean it’s not useful to someone, or not worth something in re-sell value. For example, sat navs sell for an average of £73*2, Games consoles for £58*2, and bicycles for £122*2. Selling things you no longer need helps declutter the home and it’s never been so easy – sellers can now download the eBay app for free, which allows you to list items in just 60 seconds using barcode scanning technology.”

Those looking to sell unwanted household items and make some quick cash in time for summer can use eBay’s top tips for selling:

eBay, the UK’s number one shopping destination, conducted its research in eight countries across the EU, and found that Brits are much better at decluttering than our European counterparts. Italians came out top as the biggest hoarders in Europe, with each household sitting on 84 unwanted household items, compared with 28 per household in the UK*:

Number of unwanted items per household in Europe*:

Italy: 84
Belgium: 64
Austria: 54
Spain: 53
Ireland: 41
France: 41
Germany: 39
UK: 28

Great Britain’s biggest hoarding regions, based on value of unwanted items per household*/*2:

London: £2,030
Scotland: £1,080
South West: £1,050
West Midlands: £1,040
East Midlands: £1,040
Wales: £1,010
South East: £1,020
Yorkshire: £980
Northern Ireland: £960
North East: £960
East Anglia: £820
North West: £670

*1 TNS Consumer research ‘unused item’ carried out March 2012

*2 eBay internal data

*3 TNS Consumer research ‘GB Domestic Tourism’ 2011

Unused music item sells for over £180


We’ve just sold a ZOOM MRS-1266 RECORDING STUDIO HARD DRIVE for one of our clients for £189.99

It’s park of a consignment of items that have just laid around for ages doing nothing.

Just think what you could have lying around that could give you some cash for very little effort!

Visit to find out more